On offer

Marinated meats and chicken

I offer a wide variety of marinated meats and chicken. Interesting, unique and tasty flavours that are vacuum packed and ready-to-cook. For chicken products, you can choose between fillets, skewers or cocktail size.

From Chicken Tandor to Lamb Wooster. And if you fancy a different combination of meat or chicken and flavour, for example Lamb in Herbie flavour? Or Duck L’Orange?  No problem, your choices are endless. Just let me know what you fancy.

I deliver to your door. My products are vacuum packed and have a shelf life of up to 5 days from delivery. Shelf life in the freezer is up to 12 months. All products are purchased from local suppliers.

Catering Services

If you don’t know what to cook or even don’t feel like cooking? Let me help you. I prepare all the food, deliver it and set it up for you. Or I can cater for your guests from your kitchen. I design tailored menus to suit your taste and needs. I offer finger food platters, roasts with side dishes, lasagnes, casseroles, set menus and of course BBQ’s.