A Love Story

Are you one of those who just love food? Different flavours, different combinations of flavours, different textures? Do you get bored of cooking the ‘same old’ or even buying the ‘same old’ ready-made or ready-to-cook meals?

Your life is about to change.

I sell a range of fresh meats and chicken marinated in exciting flavours, delivered to your door. The marinades and spices create a gourmet meal in your home. Juicier and tastier than your taste buds have ever experienced. All the products are fresh (not been frozen), sourced locally, and vacuum-packed.

I also offer catering services with anything from casseroles, to set menus and BBQ’s. I design tailored menus to suit your taste and needs.

Why buy from me?

South African born and inspired by outdoor cooking, I hosted many dinner parties, BBQ’s and birthday parties over the last 20 years. I tried to never serve the same meal more than once to the same guests. Yes quite ambitious. But WOW! What a lot of fun – for my guests and myself.

It is this challenge, the reward that I get from people saying “how do you get this so tasty?”, “this is delicious”, “you are the soul food goddess”, and my passion to make people’s lives better, that inspired me to start FoodLovers’ Market. And yes, good food makes people feel better, nurtured, nourished and even loved.

Why buy from me? Because my mission is to make your life happier, easier and better through preparing, serving and delivering food that you will absolutely fall in love with. And that is a promise!

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